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En DJ Products, nos esforzamos en proporcionar soluciones de máquinas para mover carga para la manipulación de material que son ergonómicamente correctas, seguras y rentables.  Nuestro equipo de arrastre y equipo motorizado pueden reducir las lesiones ocasionadas por mover manualmente equipos pesados y con ruedas. Nuestras soluciones de máquinas para mover carga son remolques eléctricos a batería con "acceso posterior" que pueden maniobrarse aún en espacios difíciles y estrechos. Dado que nuestro equipo de arrastre y máquina motorizada para mover carga son más manejables que los equipos de manejo voluminosos y caros como camiones de cargas o remolques tractores, van a ser utilizados con más frecuencia y de manera más efectiva, lo que aumenta en gran medida la productividad de manipulación de material mientras ahorra dinero en costos de operación y reclamaciones de compensación de los trabajadores.

Elija la industria que mejor se adapte a su necesidad.  Si no puede encontrar una industria específica, póngase en contacto con uno de nuestros Ingenieros de ventas para una consulta, ya que hemos resuelto más de 10.000 aplicaciones de equipos de empuje y de carga sobre ruedas, muchos de los cuales fueron personalizados para las aplicaciones específicas de nuestros clientes.

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Remolque eléctrico

  • Tira de equipos con 4 rueditas giratorias
  • La pata recta en el medio evita el derrape
  • Empuja equipos de hasta 20.000 libras
  • Reemplaza al montacargas
  • Sistemas a batería
  • Operaciones suaves y silenciosas

Tuesday, 11 June 2013 14:30

About DJProducts, Inc.

Welcome to the DJ Products, Inc. We specialize in ergonomic material handling products geared to take the pain and strain out of moving heavy carts, equipment and materials. We pride ourselves in providing material handling solutions that are maneuverable, safe and cost effective. Our goal is to minimize the wear and tear on your personnel, your product AND your bottom line.

Our products are used in manufacturing and distribution settings including heavy and light industry, warehouses, hospitals, hotels, appartment complexes for dumpster moving, fulfillment centers, the automotive and trailer industry and more. Our solutions can be used to pull RV’s, trailers, boats, generators, 53' OTR trailers, aircraft, and any wheeled equipment — anything with a ball coupler, king pin or pintle hitch tongue. You’ll also find our products in use at car dealerships, the hospitality industry, groceries, big box stores and the retail industry.

DJ Products Cart Movers, Cart Pullers, Pushers, Powered Carts, Dumpster Movers, Car Pushers, and Powered Trailer Movers offer superior operating flexibility, allowing them to be used in a greater number of applications than standard material handling equipment. Our products are battery powered “walk-behind” units that provide maximum operator control, even in tight, difficult spaces. Our ergonomically designed products reduce employee injuries, promote easy and frequent use, and eliminate the use of more costly and cumbersome equipment ill-suited to the task.


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Electric Tug

  • Pulls Carts w/ 4 Swivel Casters
  • Straight Leg in Middle Prevents Fishtailing
  • Moves Carts Up to 20,000 lbs
  • Battery Powered Systems
  • Smooth, Quiet Operations
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At DJ Products, we strive to provide material handling cart, car, trailer, dumpster and aircraft moving solutions that are ergonomically correct, safe, and cost effective. Our Cart Puller and Motorized Cart can reduce the injuries that come from manually moving heavy carts and wheeled equipment. Our cart mover solutions are battery powered “walk behind” electric tug that can be maneuvered even in tight, difficult spaces. Since our cart puller and motorized cart mover are more manageable than bulky, expensive, riding equipment such as fork trucks or a riding tug, they will be used more frequently and effectively, greatly increasing material handling productivity while saving money in operating costs and workers compensation claims.

Please choose the industry that best fits your need. If you can't find a specific industry, please contact one of our Sales Engineers for consultation as we have solved over 10,000 cart moving and wheeled load applications, many which were customized to our customers specific application.

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