Product Title Glossary

Here you will find a list of product titles used through-out our TeamCartCaddy website with a brief description of the product, the particular application it solves, a picture, and links to similar information written about the product.


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Electric Cart

The WagonCaddy Rider/Walkie Electric Cart hauls supplies and equipment while the operator either "rides-on" or "walks-with" the unit. 

Electric Cart Pusher

The CartCaddy5WPLH Electric Cart Pusher moves carts and wheeled equipment down a rail and/or a straight line. Applications that require no turning.

Electric Tug

The CartCaddy4SC Electric Tug pulls and pushes carts with 4 swivel casters.  The middle, straight leg is placed at the back of the cart to prevent fishing tailing. Pulls carts up to 20,000 lbs

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